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Online Campaign
We prepare engaging advertising materials for social media, attract and filter applicants through webinar and test. This way, we save you time and resources. At the end, you'll get potential students while having minimal involvement in the process

  • 160,156 people reaches
  • 463 students registered for an interview
  • 79 students invited to an interview with a university representative
  • 7 potential students for admission
Destination Education Fair
We can arrange a personal exhibition for local audiences about the learning opportunities the partner provides. Our previous cases include exhibitions for countries such as Malaysia and Italy

  • 230,000 people reached
  • 1,200 people visited last year's exhibition
  • 12 events held
School Visits
We work closely with schools and act as college counselors to help students through every step of the application process

  • 2236 - total schools in Kyrgyzstan
  • 100 - private schools
  • 62 000 - number of visitors on last year's exhibitions
  • 40 school partners
Solo Events
We also hold specialized online or offline events designed for a single university. We hold these events 1-2 times a month to spread the word about a partner university and connect with potential clients.

In the last year, we held 42 events with global and local partners and gathered more than 7,500 potential customers
Competitions and Olympiads
Together we can help talented children get a grant and, a discounts for studying abroad. Such events allow students to demonstrate their abilities in a variety of fields and subjects, and help them realize their dreams
Live Marathon
A live marathon takes place on Instagram and allows you to reach more people and increase interest in your services. It's a new way of marketing, so you have a chance to become our new "marathoner
Media Campaign
We can organize media campaigns in Kyrgyzstan together with our partners from TV, News Media, Radio, as well as involving local popular bloggers.

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